Welcome Savers!!
Loretta Szudy is the founder of Legal Document Services located in Chino Hills, California, serving the needs of "Pro Per's" (consumers who know what they want and can represent themselves in court) providing easy access to the courts and other legal processes, and assisting in preparation  of documents..  
Loretta Szudy is a registered and bonded Legal Document Assistant (LDA) in San Bernardino County #218 and Los Angeles County #375 who assist the "self-help" consumer handle their own legal matters without the high cost of an attorney.
We do the preparation of your legal documents so that the court accepts your case.  We specialize in completing your legal documents under your specific direction.  Many  consumers choose to represent themselves in uncomplicated legal matters, saving thousands of dollars in attorney fees.  We are here to help you prepare your court legal documents or other types of judicial  forms and save you money. 
We do not give legal advice or represent you in court.
"Legal Document  Assistants" are lmited to completing legal documents in a ministerial manner, providing general published factual information, making published legal documents available and filing and serving legal documents." Business & Professional Code 6400(d)
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